The Four Most Common Problems With The Refrigerator

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Having to replace the refrigerator is something you definitely want to avoid since it's a fairly high expense. However, when it is coming to it's last lengths, you should have it replaced. There are quite a few problems, though that are easily fixed and can add years to it's lifespan. Here are four of the most common issues and how you can fix it:

  1. It's Not Cold: The first problem includes issues of it not being cold enough in the fridge, which is a problem since it means that your food is probably going bad. You might need to simply adjust the thermostat inside of the fridge or unblock the vents. Another problem could be that the coils are too dirty and need to be vacuumed. Either way, it's something that could easily be fixed on your own.
  2. It's Too Cold: The opposite problem could also be occurring, which means that the things in your fridge are freezing rather than just staying cool. This also could be because of the adjustment on the thermostat. You also might need to replace the compressor or fan motors. If this is the case, you will want to hire professional appliance repair technicians to do this for you. 
  3. Broken Ice Maker: The next problem could be that the ice maker is broken. When this happens it could be because of a tear in the water supply line. You might also want to check the water filter for any dirt and debris buildup that could mean it needs to be replaced. Either way, at this point, you probably need a professional to come in for this.
  4. Frost Build Up: While you want items in your freezer to stay cold, you don't want there to be heavy frost build up since this means that it's getting too cold and your frozen food items could even become frozen to the floor and walls of the fridge. If there is, it could be because the door seal is cracked and needs to be replaced. However, it could also be a problem with the defrost sensor, in which case you need professionals to either replace or repair it. 

When you know some of the most common problems with refrigerators, you might be able to recognize it and fix it on your own. However, you will at least know that professionals should be able to help make repairs and prolong the life of your fridge just a little bit longer. For more information, contact companies like Jensen Appliance & Refrigeration Service.