Electric Clothes Dryer Broken? 2 Tips To Help You Lose The Clothes Line

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If your clothes dryer is not working, then laundry may have become even more of a chore for you if you must take time to hang your wet clothing on a clothes line, or worse, around the house, to dry. While it may be time to buy a new one, it may not be if you find out you have one of the following problems that can be repaired to save you money. Read on for two common clothes dryer problems and their solutions. 

1. Dryer Doesn't Heat Up

If your dryer turns on and begins running, but doesn't blow heat, then the good news is that your dryer can almost certainly be repaired. The first item on the dryer to examine is the timer that you turn to start the dryer. It has two connections -- one to the motor and one to the heating elements. While it may be turning and signaling the motor to start, the other connection to the heating element may be broken. 

If the connection from the timer to the heating system is intact, then there is likely a problem in the heating system itself. The heating system of an electric clothes dryer typically consists of four parts (some models do vary) that must work properly together to heat it up. If any one of these parts stop working, then the entire heating system will stop heating the air in your dryer. These parts are called the thermal fuse, temperature sensor, igniter, and coils. 

You must take the dryer apart to get to these parts and test them with a continuity tester or multi-meter. It is a good idea to call an appliance repair technician if you are unsure how to test these elements. The good news is that each of these parts is very affordable to replace. 

2. Dryer Turns on and Heats but Drum Doesn't Turn

It can seem like a clothes dryer is on its last legs when you turn it on to hear the motor running, but the inner drum does not spin. However, this is surprisingly one of the easiest problems to repair. There is a rubber belt that makes the dryer turn, kind of like how a vacuum cleaner belt makes the brushes turn, and this problem is usually caused by a broken belt. 

You typically only have to remove the front panel of a clothes dryer to get to the drum and belt. You can remove the drum and replace the belt following the package instructions for your specific model of dryer or by following these instructions

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