The Pros & Cons of Wired Alarms

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There are two types of burglar alarms: wired and wireless. Wired alarms use sensors and a control panel wired in to the home, as opposed to wireless alarms, which have battery sensors connected to a control panel via radio signals. Trying to determine which type of alarm will work best for you? Consider these pros and cons of wired alarms.

The Pros of Wired Alarms

Unlike with wireless alarms, you do not have to worry about changing batteries in the sensors of wired alarms. When you do not have to perform as much maintenance on your alarm, you can live much more simply. Plus, you never have to worry that the battery has died and will not alert you to an important occurrence.

Wired alarms tend to be much less expensive than wireless options. The only exception may be the cost of installing the alarm.

Wired alarms may be more secure than their wireless counterparts. You do not have to worry so much about somebody being able to hack your alarm, causing it to have a disrupted connection with the control panel.

You also don't get as much interference as you might with other options. In some cases, people struggle to use their burglar alarms because other electronics interfere with them.

The Cons of Wired Alarms

Wireless alarms are quicker and easier to install, and the installation doesn't disturb the interior of your home. You can easily install them without breaking down the walls or doing any other sort of renovation.

Also, if you move out of your home, you may not be able to take your wired alarm with you. In some cases, this is possible if you are able to get into the wall easily to remove it, but in other cases, you may have to purchase a new alarm when you choose to leave. On the upside, you might be able to raise the value of your home when you sell it with the alarm inside.

People who install wired alarms typically need to have a professional help them. You certainly do not want to get inside the wall and mess with your electrical system.

You may not be able to have a wired alarm in an apartment or rental home. In this case, you will have a wireless alarm unless you speak with your landlord about upgrading.

There are certainly advantages to having a wired alarm rather than a wireless one, but the choice is ultimately yours.